At Restaurante El Fai you’ll find a spacious and comfortable dining room with large windows that provide magnificent views of the village of Tahull.
We also have a bar space with television for guests who want to have a drink.

The restaurant has a daily prix fixe menu, a special prix fixe menu and an a-la-carte menu.
Likewise, we have personalised menus for groups with a reservation.

Our food is homemade and traditional, and its made with local products like eco-friendly meat, mushrooms, etc.

The a-la-carte service as well as the prix fixe menu have a wide variety of dishes to choose from; salads, soups, toast, grilled or pot roasted meat, fish, and more.
And, if you’re still hungry, we have a wide selection of homemade desserts including coffee flan, crema catalana, cheese cake, and of course, more refreshing desserts like sorbet and ice cream.

SPECIALITIES: The mushroom cannelloni with Burgundy mushroom sauce is another one of our specialities, along with eco-friendly meat like veal, hangar steak or sirloin pot roasts and desserts such as coffee flan.

Other services at the restaurant

Because our terrace is at 1500 m above sea level you can enjoy our fine food while you also enjoy an authentic mountain ambience.
From both the terrace and the dining room there are captivating panoramic views of the San Clemente de Tahull Romanesque church, the village of Tahull and the Valle de Bohí valley.
There is parking available under the restaurant terrace, which makes access easy.